It was not a ghost hunting but just a night-drive

I don’t like a ‘ghost hunting’.

The reason of my antipathy is very simple, visiting an abandoned hospital or ruined factories is just dangerous, furthermore, it’s illegal!

On the other hand, I love Japanese horror films so much, then I’m interested in visiting lonesome places at night to taste the mystic air.

When my friends and I were college students, we finally reached a solution of such dilemma. We drove thorough the rural area during the night! It’s not so dangerous, and not illegal. We brought Onigiris, sandwich, and cans of coffee into the car, and enjoyed a night-driving.

We didn’t go for any ‘scary spots’, but go for just small town or lonesome way through the rural area. It’s so exciting that someone start telling scary-stories in the car!

However, at once, a serious thing happened to us.

It’s not a supernatural thing.

Once, we got lost while going through the forest on the slope of the mount Fuji, in winter season! We were afraid of the possibility of running out of gas in the snowy forest at the midnight rather than the possibility of encountering ghosts!

In any way, the night-drivings are even now very nice memory.

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