My recommended tourist spot, Matsue: The city of ghost stories

If you’re interested in Japanese ghost stories or folklore about supernatural things, I recommend you visiting Matsue city.

This is one of the important cities in Southwest Japan, and is known as ‘the city of ghost stories’.

Because the city has long history, there are a lot of ancient shrines, old graves, and magnificent temples. Such old spots have their own stories which ghosts or mystic monsters appear in. They make the city a rich store of ghost stories.

In the 19th century, one Western author, Lafcadio Hearn, visited this city as an English school teacher. He began loving this city. He got married with a Japanese woman who was familiar with folklore and legends in the city. With her help, Lafcadio Hearn met a lot of ghost stories, and devoted his life to translate them into English. His talent of story-telling made Matsue famous as the city of ghost stories.

Even now, Lafcadio Hearn is deepley respected by the people of Matsue city, and a lot of enthusiastic fans of his book (like me!) visit this city.

If you want further information about Matsue, visit the following web-site.

You can also see the cartoon-movies of ghost stories from Matsue on YouTube. These videos were created by a famous animation-cartoonist ‘FROGMAN’ who lives in this region.

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