“Mieru-ko-chan”:My recommended Horror comedy Manga

Recently I bought a horror comedy comic book the title of which is “Mieru-ko-chan”.

“Mieru-ko-chan” means “a girl who can see them”.

This is the story about a high school girl who has the sixth sense to see ghosts.

Except her, nobody can see ghosts, and ghosts seem to attack only person who have the sense to be able to see them. So every time she ignores ghosts and tries to pretend not to have special gift to see them.

Ghosts always show themselves in the surprising situations as Japanese horrors cliches, and the heroine tries to ignore them with using the i-phone or handheld game console.

For example, when she sees a grotesque female ghost, she thinks such a ghost would disappear if she keeps ignoring as Japanese horror cliché. she starts watching a video on YouTube about Professional wrestling match. But the ghost doesn’t disappear and peeps into the iPhone next to her.

A grotesque female ghost never disappear but watches a wrestling video with living high school girl. It’s scary, but funny…!

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