I was brought up in a town at outskirt of Tokyo.
When I was a teenager, in 1990s, we were in the atmosphere of the boom of Japanese Horror, which was called ‘J-Horror’.
I was excited by scary-films : ‘The Ring’, ‘Ju-on’, and a lot of horror novels and video-games. Furthermore, I loved chatting with friends about ghosts, yokai, and monsters in Japanese folklore. Once, I would want to become an anthropologist and collect world-wide folklore…

Now, I’m a data-analyst working in an IT company in Tokyo. I didn’t become an anthropologist, but even now I’m interested in ghost stories, urban legends, and folklore.

To be frank, I myself don’t believe in ghosts. However, it is my pleasure to exchange the information about ghosts or scary stories with a lot of people living in another country. I’m learning English, Spanish, and some foreign languages to exchange the ghost stories and folklore with a lot of people around the world.